How to just cook the current level for beta testing ?

Hey alltogether. I got a little Problem. Everytime i want to cook my level UE4 starts to cook all content which isn’t even included into any level yet.
I just want to package my current Level so i can give it out for beta testing but i can’t do it actually.
Maybe i missed something. I used a development build config and Windows 64bit as Output.
Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance

The easiest way is to just remove the map from the content folder -> e.g copy the entire project - delete the maps - package it. Also use the shipping (not development) before you packaging your game

Normally it already removes all unsued content during the packaging :slight_smile:

"Packaging already removes any content not being used by the maps being cooked in your package. So the simplest way to get rid of that extra content from your package is to remove the maps that reference that content from your project.

A more complex but more thorough method can be found here in the archives: Packaging specific maps within a project - UE4 AnswerHub"

Doesn’t work for me :confused: I tried the same thing mentioned in the links but i get the same problem as them. even an Empty Level gives me my full content packaged which results into 5GB of Data but the map should actually be arround 500-800isch MB. That’s way too much actually.

Is there any other way to fix this or did epic find out a solution yet ?

There’s a problem with this system. Currently the engine adds everything you have in project, not only what is referenced by a level.