How to jump relative to the top of my actor?

I am trying to change the jump out with a jump that will move my character towards the location of the head or top of the character. Say my character is 90 degrees rotated like he is running on a wall, i would like to jump away from the wall rather than as if he were standing straight up. How do I achieve this?

Instead of using the standard ‘jump’ node that comes with the character functionality, I might suggest using the ‘launch character’ node.

Are you rotating the whole character actor, or just the skeletal mesh? If you’re rotating the whole character, you can use ‘get actor up vector’, if you’re rotating just the mesh, you can get the up vector of the mesh.

Multiply the up vector by a float (the float will determine the intensity of the launch, so the higher the value the bigger the launch, the higher the jump) and plug that into the launch velocity on the launch character node.

if all else fails just use local space (relative location) when calculating the direction of the jump.

Works perfectly, thank you! I was rotating the whole actor so the up vector worked exactly as I wanted it

For anyone reading this at a later date, set the multiplier in the thousands to test because 10 won’t work.