How to invert pawn control mappings?

Hi All,

I have been creating this Classic Labyrinth Maze in third person, the ball movement is done by using forward/back & left/Right input axis events then get the z/x axis value with make vector the multiply wit a movement speed float then add Angular Impulse in Radians. (see photos)

what I want is when the ball going through the box trigger; it automatically rotate the camera, I managed to rotate the camera (see photo) how ever the problem I came across is when the camera does rotate it invert my movement mappings so my up become my left and my left become my down ect.

How can I correct this?

You can just multiply by -1, but isn’t it easier to just turn the whole pawn around, instead of the camera?

( Looks nice BTW )

Tried that, doesn’t work, and I did try to just rotating the whole and it doesn’t work my reckoning is because I use angular impulse in Radians which used the rotation for movement

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