How to invert axes

Hi, is there any way to invert X,Y and Z axes?
I don’t mean the mouse axes, but the axes that control object scales etc.
This because i want to extend a Wall in the opposite side of the X axe, and if I try obviously my wall becomes smaller.

Yep, there is. Just set the scale on whatever axis you want to mirror to a negative value. So, for example, to flip a wall along X with scale 1.0 you’d just type in “-1.0”. Beware: this literally mirrors it, so if you have any text or details on it they’ll end up backwards. You may prefer to manually model a reversed version in your modelling package of choice if this is the case.

I didn’t mean this, I was talking about a function that programs like Cads have that invert axes without touching the object, but anyway, this is ok.