How to integreate Steamworks v136 or v132 to UE4.11 project?

We have some issues installing the Steamworks SDK within our current project. Since the documentation on this topic is slightly outdated (UE4.9 and Steamworks v1.29a), we looked arround for more current guidelines. Every solution we found so far, however, seems to have its downsides.
Thus, we want to ask, if there is a good up to date tutorial or, otherwise, if we made false assuptions about the possible options we considered?

Our first idea was to get the current Steamworks version v136 working. We found this comprehensive blog entry, which covers the entire process. The problem with it was, that it would require us to use the custom SteamController plugin provided by the author, as Epic´s own plugin seems not to work with v136. For the custom plugin we have no guarantee that we will receive updates or that it will still be working with future versions of the UE.

The other option would be to stick with v132, as this is the one currently ment to be used with UE4.11.2 (at least if you look into the source and binaries folders). Steam, however, does not include all necessary dlls in the Steamworks SDK download, so the missing ones have to be found in our own Steam installtion. But, since v132 is over a year old, we are not sure if the dlls we have in our Steam installtions are still compatible?

I think you misunderstood Allars blog, what he is doing is modifying engine, SteamOnlineSubsystem module is not a plugin but part of the engine. If you use his method you will need to use modified engine source to build you rproject, but i think since it does not effect onlinesubsystem APIs you project will work with both 132 and 136. the client library should work i think, ■■■ all it does is communicate with Steam, if theres any incompatibilities Valve would said so and Epic would update already as they would have dead module… but i don’t know that just my guess

I know that the SteamOnlineSubsystem is part of the engine, the plugin I was concerned about is the SteamController plugin. To quote Allar´s blog entry: “At the time of this writing, UE4 4.11 and older provide an outdated implementation of the Steam Controller API in their SteamController plugin.”

It would help us a lot if we knew if our “up to date dlls” from our Steam installation are compatible with the current SteamOnlineSubsystem which works with Steamworks v132. :slight_smile:

PS: Also found and tried this wiki entry from .