How to integrate Essentia in UE4

Hi!Well first i think you need to decide which platforms you want to support,Next step is to build this library with this instructions on their github.

After that you need to create a plugin in UE4, with the build scripts where you set the path to your Essentia libs and includes, and link all dependencies that you want to use into this plugin.Here is the start point of UE4 plugins to make it work with the Blueprints you need to create the Wrapper with UBlueprintLibrary over all functionality that you want to intergrate from Essentia.
I think this is the flow for making the integration of this library into UE4.

I’m trying to build an FPS/Audio based game and require features such as onset detection, wave spectral analysis and so forth. I require Homepage — Essentia 2.1-beta6-dev documentation (Essentia Library) to be integrated with UE4, either as a plugin or otherwise;

I wished to know if anyone who’s been or has worked on Audio based games such as Audiosurf (Just an example) can help me understand how to install the Essential library and make it work with UE4 including Blueprints?

Thanks in advance, cheers!

Hello Nosatov, I’m currently trying to support Windows 10 with Ubuntu+Bash (PC 64 bit) platforms.

I didn’t know about this technique/flow as I’m not very good with coding, so thank you very much for the advice, I will try it out and get back hopefully with a positive outcome.
Truly appreciate your response and thanks once again! :slight_smile:

Hey did you you ever figure this out? I am also trying to make an audio based game with the same features and I’m having trouble with Essentia integration. I would love any help you can give.

Good to know!You welcome,if something write me a message.Please mark this post as “done”.Thank you!

Could you maybe go in to a little more detail in your explanation? I’m trying to do this same thing here but I don’t have a ton of experience with Unreal or Essentia. I also can’t even figure out a Windows installation with Essentia.