How to Instantly Rotate Player Character Left to Right For a 2.5D sidescroller?

OK, so, I found a tutorial online that…kinda does what I want, but it still has a very noticeable blur of the character rotating, so, it isn’t really as instantaneous as I want it.

(The gif is at 16 FPS, so, you can see the blur consistently in 24 FPS).

Here’s the blueprint.

Help would be appreciated. Only a beginner.

Your blueprint is already instantly rotating the player. However UE4 sees it has the character being rotated 180 degrees in less time than one frame. UE4 applies motion blur to the object because it thinks it moved super fast.

The only way to get rid of that would be to turn off motion blur. Which can be done by turning off the Project Settings → Rendering → Default Settings → Motion Blur checkbox.