How to Install Waveworks

After struggling for a couple of days trying to figure out how to get waveworks into ue4.25 i have finally done it and would like to share how as it seems many people were having difficulty, feel free to ask any questions though i do not know the details of how everything works so i wont be much help with errors i assume but i am just going to try to simplify the process described on github.

First thing you need to do is download the single file from…WaveWorks_4_19 if this link takes you to an error 404 page its because your epic game account and github account arent linked once you have done that you should be on the github page. Once here press the green “Code” button which will bring a drop down menu where you can either download via github desktop app or via Zip. i personally downloaded via zip as i ran into a lot of problems when using the github app i was getting hidden files and it took forever to download.

So now i have my Zip file downloaded, before unzipping (i personally use WinRAR) make sure you right click the zip file go to Properties and check the “unblock” box then unzip. now you should have a folder containing the same files viewable on github. I was not able to get the right files using github desktop only through Zip.

Now youre going to make sure you have visual studio 2017 installed, if you have only 2019 you will recieve an error message when running GenerateProjectFiles.bat saying that you need VisualStudio 2015 but in fact 2017 is fine, i used Visual Studio Community 2017 15.9 for free from here…lder-downloads make sure when installing you check “Game Development with c++” and UE4 installer on the right.

Now run setup.bat this took me around 1 hour followed by GenerateProjectFiles which took around 10 minutes.

Now open up UE4.sln with visual studio 2017, one opened go to the build tab > configuration manager and make sure Active solution configuration is set to “Development Editor” and Active Solution platform is set to “Win64”

Right click UE4 under Engine in the Solution explorer and click build this took me about 40 minutes. One this is done building press f5 and ue4 should launch automatically after a few minutes.


Thanks for this guide, this is excellent. However, I must have missed something.

In your post you mention this is how to get WaveWorks working in 4.25, but the tutorial here builds 4.19.

Hello, I would like to ask the same question how do you run in 4.25

I couldn’t find UE4.sln ,so I ran WaveworksTester.sln with VS2017
No matter witch version, 4.20-4.25 I tried every version ,It always said"WaveworksTester could not be compiled. Try rebuilding from source manually"

​​​​​​​And the 4.19 URL always error 404,no matter you linked github&epic account or not

So I download 4.18 code zip ,but It can’t run in Visual Studio 2017. Maby It can only run in Visual Studio 2015 .

You need to accept the invite from Epic Games from the Email that is connected to Github.

It would be compiled for 4.19, How did you manage to do it for 4.25? Is it possible to get it working with 4.27.2?

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