How to install VLC Media plugin

Well, was looking there as well, but didn’t even knew the button existes…
Thanks again

Hi guys, I am having some trouble installing this third party plugin

I am getting random errors, I am putting it in the file myProject/Plugins/
I’ve tried rebuilding it through VS2015 and VS2017, and have tried many different releases of the code relating to the release of UE4. I have then closed and re-opened UE4 and was asked to build the dll’s only for it to run into an error: ‘Project can not be compiled. Try rebuilding from source manually’.

Any suggestions and help will be much appreciated. I am pretty new to UE4, so apologies for any of the low technical details.

UPDATE: Seems to work with UE 4.16 without problems, It was updated to this version without release specifications on GitHub

Trying too, there are issues with the build.cs files. Not yet sure what exactly

Managed to compile.

There are three build.cs files, one in each subfolder of …/VlcMedia-master/Source

Change the lines from : public XXX(ReadOnlyTargetRules Target) : base(Target)
to: XXX(TargetInfo Target)

EDIT: This code change is only neccesary for 4.15 and below. The code is correct for 4.16+.

Now I’m stuck. How to use the plugin?

Hi, To use the plugin:
Click on media player class you created, in the bottom right on-top of the timeline you will see ‘playback options’, click it, then chose ‘decoder’ then ‘vlc player’

Thanks you. How did you manage to find that out?

I just played around - I knew it had to do with the media player asset / blueprint / class.