How to install Visual Studio?


I tried to package my project with Unreal Engine 4.12, but it said I needed Visual Studio.

I downloaded the setup file from the link Unreal Engine 4 provided, but it gave me errors that I was missing an engine and a file.

Can somebody tell me where I should download Visual Studio from and how I can integrate it with Unreal Engine 4 so that I can package my project.

I would also like to know how big the download is of Visual Studio, because I have really slow Internet.

Well do you have VS 2015 or VS Community (which is free).
You can use this Tut as a guide on how to setup for UE4.

I get these errors when trying to download:

I already have C++ Redistributable and .net installed.

Does your windows has the microsoft updates enabled?

maybe this helps

No. I can’t update due to too slow Internet.

Would trying the ISO download be better for you?
It is big, but can be paused if you have a downloader like Down Them all.

Yes, is there a torrent which I can download? That would be the easiest to do.

I’m not sure if there is a legal torrent for it.
You would have to check microsoft’s website and hope there is one.

are you sure that it ask for visual studio ? a little strange
maybe it’s juste the VS runtime or something like

anyway your best option for VS IMO is the commuity ISO file wich is free and great .
just google for that

The problem still remains, even after emptying my temp folder.