How to install unreal Studio and Datasmith?

Hello Guys,

I can’t install Unreal Studio nor Datasmith.
Before truying to install Unreal Studio I already had a previous version of Unreal and I could’nt find a way to install Unreal Studio.
In my library tab, I can’t see plugins like I saw on the web. I only have ‘‘Engine versions’’, ‘‘My projects’’ and ‘‘Vault’’.
We I click on installed plugin on both my two versions of the engine (4.21.2 and 4.19.2) it send me to the maket place and I can’t find any trace of Datasmith…

Any idea?

Unreal Studio isn’t a piece of software by itself. It’s an offer. That offer includes the regular Unreal Engine, plus the Datasmith plugin.

First of all, it looks like you haven’t registered for the Unreal Studio Beta yet. You need to do that to gain access.

===UPDATE: Unreal Studio has been discontinued, because the Datasmith feature is now a core part of Unreal Engine. Read more in the FAQ.===

this link is not available right now Datasmith - Unreal Engine it’s taking us to Datasmith - Unreal Engine, I am not getting Unreal Studio

This link is still not available Datasmith - Unreal Engine

Hi all.

We discontinued Unreal Studio around the start of 2020, but that is because we made the Datasmith plugin a core part of the Unreal Engine. If you are using Unreal Engine version 4.24 or later, then you already automatically have Datasmith installed in the engine.

Please read more about the ending of Unreal Studio here: Frequently Asked Questions - Unreal Engine