How to install Simplygon into engine source from github


i would like to install Simplygon into Unreal branch from github. The branch with VR works specifically.
i followed these steps for basic installation:

i have problems with these steps:

*2. Rename “NotForLicensees/Simplygon/Simplygon-4.4.750/” to “Simplygon/”*assigned to string SimplygonPath.
I dont understand that last bit in this one

3. Open the file UEBuildConfiguration.cs located in \Engine\Source\Programs\UnrealBuildTool\Configuration\ 4. In function PostReset(), force bCompileSimplygon to true and comment/remove the rest of the line.
I didnt find PostReset function in the BuildConfiguration.cs (slightly different name then in the guide: UEBuildConfiguration.cs)

Thank you for possible help.