How to Install "Animation & Rigging Tools" for Maya LT?


Is it possible to install the Animation & Rigging Tools from Epic into Maya LT? I followed the instructions and it seems Maya LT is not liking the setup process the toolset uses ( file). I understand that one of the disadvantages of using the LT edition of Maya is lack of MEL & Python scripting / authoring. I believe this might prevent us to install the tools using the file. However, I can still use other mel scripts (like tweenMachine) if I copy them into the scripts folder manually.

So … Is there is a manual way of installing the toolset? If yes, I suspect it might still work in Maya LT.

Thank you!

You can’t. As far as I know Maya LT do not support Python.

Correct :cool:

They have properly added MEL scripting support in the latest version of Maya LT (extension 2). I don’t think it was ever really disabled though, since much of Maya’s functionality is built directly with MEL, which is why your MEL script works.