How to install all the megascans library assets in your unreal project, instead of one by one through bridge?

Hi Guys

New to UE5.

I have downloaded over 70 GB of megascan assets and would like to install all of them into my project, so I can use them whenever possible, without hopping over to bridge, searching them and then painfully waiting to add them one by one or even adding them in groups.

The issue is when I press the add button, UE5 editor freezes for the time the assets get added. some times it goes for over 10-20 minutes, depending on the number of assets.

I am building a town, and from the last 2 days, the only thing I have managed to do is, download and install megascan assets, after hours of shader compiling. (I have an old quad core system with 8 threads).

I wish to add all the assets downloaded in one go to my project. Is there a copy paste method through the windows folder?

I personally use the desktop version of bridge so for the in-engine version im not sure.
You could potentially use the desktop version which has a local folder structure with all your downloaded assets in it. Then in the engine just click import and select whatever files from your local ms folders you want to have imported. It will still take a long time to import such a large amount of assets but it should atleast do it in once go.

Well, Bridge came installed with UE5, so I am using that.

I had tried installing the bridge with UE4 but at that time it was not free like with UE5.

I will give the desktop version a try.

I have already installed a lot of them in my project, can we just migrate the whole megascan folder to the next project every time we need it? That will be much faster than doing it through bridge?

Should be able to migrate the folder from project to project yes :slight_smile:

Thanks that helps.