How to install a Plugin ?

I downloaded a plugin from Githud but im having trouble installing it, it gave a error saying theres a missing file or a file not supported and it won’t launch my game until I delete the file.

I’m trying to install this 2 plugin



When i try Generate Project File it gave another error saying that this project does not have any source code ect.

I downloaded the engine from epic website not from GitHub and my project is base on blueprint.

You need to create C++ project for mentioned method to work, also you will need VS2015 to compile those plugins

Word of warning, those plugins seems to seems be not updated for long time, they might not build for newer UE4,in that case you would need to play API changes yourself

Is there another method to add ads in IOS games ?

Hey Juanjose09,

Here is a basic layout of logging into the online subsystem (such as Game Center), showing an iAd and hiding an iAd:

Here is more documentation on iOS:

[iOS, iPadOS, and tvOS support for Unreal Engine | Unreal Engine 5.1 Documentation][2]

Here is more information on Plugins:

[Plugins in Unreal Engine | Unreal Engine 5.1 Documentation][3]


As mentions, if the plugins are out of date, you will have to spend some effort in updating them for your project. Or, you can contact the developer to see if there is an updated version.

Thanks for the info

I manage to install a plugin but when i was about to test it I couldn’t package the game because I added some code and couldn’t package for IOS through windows, and I don’t know how to update those plugin i will leave alone.

Apple discontinues the iad if i not mistaken and i was looking for alternative

I guessing my only option for now is tapjoy, is there any documentation on how to use it ? I can’t find any blueprint of tapjoy, also can i even use it ?

Will unreal add more ads providers in the future ?

Any third party company that has a plugin for UE4 is responsible for documentation on how to user their product.

Also, we don’t offer any official support for third party plugins and it is largely up to you and the developer behind the plugin to figure out how it works.

As for any ad providers that Epic will officially support, I don’t know. If there is any, I am sure they will post about it in the future patch notes.


Look at this text:
But the plugin will only package good if you change the install file pad to, C:\Program Files (x86)\Epic Games\4.12\Engine\Plugins map instead of the Marketplace map, so the file pad for 4.12 is now C:\Program Files (x86)\Epic Games\4.12\Engine\Plugins\Chartboost, Als the map: SdkboxChartboost, have to be changed to the name: Chartboost, because unreal will look to the map chartboost and not sdkboxchartboost.

This is for android plugin, maybe the file pad for the plugin where unreal is searching for when you package your ios app
is not on the right place, the failed package will show the error file pad, look for it and replace the map to the right location, also you maybe have to change the name of the Map where unreal is looking for.

look at this plugin,
and it’s video tutorial