how to insert data to datatable?

Hi. I would like to insert data to datatable? but I dont know how can I do this. I’ve already can get data from datatable.but couldn’t another one. I am waiting your help. thanks

I don’t think you can, actually. As far as I remember data tables are read-only. For example, in our project we use them to read in the balancing values for various enemies etc, but the values are all fixed at the start of the game and are used to initialize the actual structs storing the enemy values (health, etc) that can be changed over the course of the game.

Maybe there’s another way to achieve what you’re trying to do?

actually I trying prepare exam and when user mark his answer I have to keep these answers.Like normal school test :slight_smile:

I don’t know if thats possible in blueprints (have not worked with tables for a while now) but if you want to mess around
with the entries you could just make an array of your needed structure type, put all your datatable entries in it and then mess around with the array :slight_smile:
If you need to save/load the array for the future, just use the savegame node in bp.

Hope this helps