How to input sounds for when player kicks a ball?

Hi, in my project I have balls scattered around my scene which my player is able to kick when they move up to the ball (simulate physics is turned on). How would I go about inserting a kicking sound when this occurs? And also bounce sounds when the ball bounces?

Simply by adding that logic to ball hit event, something like this:
something like this.PNG

That was much easier than I expected. Thank you Galaxyman92.

Would you know how to input the sound of a bounce for when the ball bounces after the kick?

hmmmm… not quite sure how to detect consequent hits that are after the first hit, which is basically the bounce hits… out of the top of my head I figured two ways, can’t test it since I am lazy :stuck_out_tongue: … give each a try and give us the results:
First Method

Second One:

Edit: Just figured for the second method you need a way to reset the first hit bool, in case the character hits the ball again.