How to input data to blendspace via code?

#Custom Anim Instance

One solution is to store your Blend Space in an Anim Blueprint that is based on a C++ Anim Instance and then feed your C++ values into the Blend Space from C++ by accessing your casted C++ Anim Instance

#Wiki on C++ Anim BPs



so i am here wanted to play a blendspace via code. and when i open the class for the blendspace (blendspace.h and blendspaceBase.h) i can’t find a way to input the data. are we directly input data to SampleData variables. or there is some function that we can use in that two class to input data to blendspace.

thx rama, at first i wanted to do it like a single node animation (without using animation blueprint, just run single animation - run it using mesh->PlayAnimation() ). i just think it’s funny if there is no way to directly feed the input in the blendspace via code, without using the animation graph or animation blueprint.

yeeey, i found the function in AnimSingleNodeInstance named SetBlendSpaceInput. jejeje thx for the revelation rama. jejeje