How to init in unreal?

Hello, how are you? First of all, forgive me for my bad English, I have a programming logic and average knowledge of C ++ but I cannot adapt much to the UE syntax or how do some things work, do you recommend a tutorial to help me? (the Latin American community is not very active)


Hi Freya, I recommend taking a course like this one on C++ - you shouldn’t have to pay more than $15 if you wait for a sale.

I’d also recommend understanding Blueprints first. You can make a full game in Blueprints, but you can’t make a full game in C++. That is because Blueprints let’s you do level design. Understanding Blueprints is really important. This course was pretty good. I found some other free courses on YouTube.

I started a game development club for my coronavirus pandemic, and most of the members are in Mexico. We try to make one game each month. Our current game is “Tortilla Rush”. We meet up on Wednesday and Sunday at 8:30pm Central Time. Personal message me if you’re interested in joining us. Good luck with your journey!