How to increase speed

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It’s my first step on UE4 and I want to make a trigger box who increase speed of the character when you go in … but I’m so nooooooob I’m lost for that HELP ME plz

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It’s very simple and easy to keep in mind. Just get a trigger box from the basic menu (that menu where you get the white objects, scroll down and you’ll find it), drag it on the scene, right click on it from the right menu of the preview screen and add a OnActorBeginOverlap and do how I did in this screenshot:

To get the casting, just right click in the blueprint and search “cast to (character or actor or pawn)” and where it says “As actor” just click on the blue point, drag out a bit and look for “get character movement” scroll straight down if you can’t find it on top.

After that, drag from the character movement output and search for “set max walk speed”

And there you go, just set the ammount of speed you want and you are done

I know what It’s wrong when I search i use space between words and thisis wrong thanks you you’re the best <3

Kudos to such a great response! I appreciate members like yourself that take the time to answer our questions. My enitre progress is thanks you people like you!!!
You gave him some great info, quick and detailed!


I think a display of ADDING speed might be something you could benifit from @Oserv-Arma_713 so ill post you one

Doing something like this could be used as a boost pad in a racing game.
When you enter the trigger, you would get +200 speed for 5 seconds.
Then it would vanish.
The way this is set up if during that time they hit another they would have a total of +400

There are ways you could make the speed increase the LONGER they were in a trigger.
Or slow after leaving
You could also use the overlap end node to remove the bonus.