How to increase resolution of current landscape

I’m not looking for tessellation. For a landscape I have already created, I want to edit:

section size -
sections per component -
number of components -
overall resolution

How can I do this? I see no option for a landscape that has already been made.

thank you

I’ve seen this question before…I think this is the answer (copy & paste from the tech docs)

“Landscapes are divided into multiple Components, which are Unreal’s base unit of rendering, visibility calculation, and collision. Components in a Landscape are all the same size and are always square. The size of the Landscape component is decided when the Landscape is created and the choice depends on the size and detail of the Landscape you wish to create.” From: Landscape Technical Guide | Unreal Engine Documentation

It turns out the developers forgot to include the change component size tool in 4.25 as they overhauled previous UI. The bug hasn’t been addressed yet, but there are a few suggested fixes: