How to Increase Maximum texture size that I can import in UE4

Ok, here is my problem.

I’m using an ultra-high-resolution texture for a video that I’m making, but I want to increase that texture even more because I know for a fact that it works better for what I need.

My texture size limit is 16k, but I want to exceed that.

Is there a way to increase this limit? A setting or a config file that I need to edit?

Thanks in advance.

Any ideas?

The reason you can’t use a bigger texture, is that the hardware profiles currently available don’t support bigger textures. And there are specific details for specific hardware and specific APIs that can mumble about this, but, in general, that’s the way it is. There’s no easy, straightforward, or supported way to increase the resolution of texture beyond this.

You can play technical tricks in the shaders/materials, though.

You can split your object into multiple materials, each with its own texture. There may be seams that you have to somehow fix up at the edges, though. Overlaps with alpha can help.

You can also play tricks with multiple textures, offsetting them each differently (e g, +1,+0, +2, +0, …) and clamping, and using shader math to only actually use the output of the texture whose texture coordinates are in the 0…1 range. This will be quite heavy in the shader if you go past just a few textures.

All of this gets very annoying, and was much more common back in the “texture top out at 256 pixels” days, where the work-arounds even had to be done in software, not shaders, but that’s how to push beyond the current platform limits.