How to increase landscape poligons amount after landscape scaling

Hello everyone! I want to create one old game remake. And also I want to keep its original landscae size (16 km * 16 km). When I import heightmap and scale it to size i need landscape poligons become very big and it is impossible to edit it. Is there any way to avoid it, or increase poligons amount? Also maybe I can somehow create multiple landscapes on my level and tile them together?

PS. I know I can import landscape in the needed resolution by tiles, but I ran out of videomemory

Hey there @sobol64! Welcome to the community! So it’s often best to go ahead and generate the landscape at the size you require it at due to scaling only actually changing the size of the landscape not it’s resolution. Once the landscape proxies are generated you cannot update their resolution dynamically in the native foliage system, you’d have to update it with some source magic but that’s far more difficult.

You could try reducing your RHI to DX11, would cut your overhead memory wise by a decent margin. Once the landscape is generated it shouldn’t be as bad and you should be able to swap back. How dense are you generating this terrain?