How to increase falling speed when the jump button is released? (2D Game)

Basically the idea is that I want the falling speed to increase when you let go of the jump button, like the mario games. Here’s what I have for my jump:

I couldn’t see this question asked anywhere online, but if it has, sorry for repeating it!

The easiest way I did was to set Gravity Scale to something like 1.75, basically a value higher than the default of 1. It can be found in the general settings of the character movement component in your blueprint. I just have mine permantently set to this higher value, but I bet you could just set the gravity to be higher at jump time if you needed to.

To add to my answer above you could also play around with the max hold time of the jumps. This is found on the actor BP under the character section. You can also set up dbl jump from this using the Jump max count.