How to increase Dino spawn quantity?

So I was trying to change the dino spawn wight on the primal game data but I found out that you can do it to your servers game.ini file, and so I did I added this lines:


I wanted more T rex spawns and Spinos, I noticed a significant increase in T rex spawns but the spino Spawns were actually less, can someone explain to me how can I increase both spawns?

“Also, Dinos now have a floating point NPCZoneVolumeCountWeight value, so that for example tiny insects cost 0.1 but a proper could cost 2.0, to fill up an NPC Volume. This was useful to get a lot more Ants to spawn than larger Dinos, without having fewer big Dinos – you can see this in-use in the new Ant Character Blueprints.”

Quoted from here:!-(Latest-Version-188-0-7-23-2015-Added-quot-Model-amp-Animation-Source-Files-quot-)

For the first part, to clarify, are you trying to change the dino’s carrying weight? Or their spawns?

  • Sinari