How to increase bone limit for ES 3.1?


Please, tell me how to increase bone limit for ES3.1 from 75, to, for example 150?
I tried changing Engine\Source\Runtime\RHI\Public\RHIDefinitions.h line 1634 and put 255 there. But, after engine recompile, i’m getting runtime exception in GPUSkinVertexFactory.cpp line 290.
Engine version 4.25.1. Source build (obviously).

Thank you in advance!

Hi! I have the same problem. Did you find any solution of this? thanks! 4.25 too.

The solution is here:

  • SupportsBonesBufferSRV to return true for all feature levels and shader platforms
  • You could add any comment in the MobileBasePassVertexShader.usf to make it modified and let the DDC invalidate, so the shader will be rebuild.