How to increase AI speed and animation speed when overlap

Hello again my friends!

So let me tell you what I need help with. I want everytime when I overlap an box to tirgger my AI to increase speed animation and his walkspeed. for example I have collected 1/7 items then his walkspeed increases to 242 and his animation speed to 0.32, then when I find the other item 2/7 the speed animation and walkspeed increases by math float + float. So if anyone can help, I really appreciate it.


Hi. I’ve quickly set up the speed increase in my project. I’m still new to UE4 myself, so perhaps someone smarter than me will have a better way to do this, but hopefully this helps. Here it is:

This is in the level blueprint. Instead of casting to TopDownCharacter, you’d cast to the AI you want and get that AI’s movement speed. And the + float, set that to whatever number you want to increase the movement speed by.

For the animation, if you’re using an anim montage, you can just make the “In play rate” a variable and do the same setup as above.

Hope this helps.

Hey man.

It seems like I have no idea how to do the animation blueprint. But about the walk speed I had the same blueprint for it and both wont work, not mine or yours. Which makes me worried about something is wrong.
Any help again? Thanks.


I’m no good with animations, so I’m unable to help with that, sorry.

But the above pic should work and make your character move faster, if you’re using the standard UE4 Mannequinn.