How to increase a number the longer you stand in a box?

so hopefully the title made sense, basically i am building a second damage system, i have a collision box that when stood in it raises the number , but unlike the built in damage epic includes i have to back out of the box and go back in to deal more damage, i’d like to stand there and keep taking hits, basically i need a way to increase the number per second stood there

Something like


Hey @Leafies121!

If you are using Epic’s built in system, are you using a pain causing volume? Have you tried changing the damage per second?

I hope the above helps point you in the right direction!


but if im already using pain causing volume for my normal health damage would it not decrease that health as well as the secondary health system at the same time?

Hey @Leafies121!

When you say secondary health system, do you mean a totally separate health bar? Like a stamina or shield health?

This is where damage types will come in handy. You can have specific effects happen (like having a different output), when a specific damage type is present.

For example, you can have an interface that checks to see if the damage effects the primary or secondary health, then applies it appropriately after running a branch where you take damage.

For more in depth information, you can check out this great non-Epic affiliated video on damage types:

I hope the above contains the solution you are looking for!

hey so this works great… until you walk off the spot, it keeps taking hits :frowning:

edit: turns out i needed pause timer not invalidate, thanks again!

I updated the code, it should have said


If you pause it, you have to put in extra logic not to create it on overlap… :slight_smile: