How to increase a float value over time

I’m trying to make a game thats like Jetpack Joyride, which is basically a character moving, and every 10 seconds, the value would increase and keep increasing forever until the game ends.

Use a Timer.

Since I’m not at my computer, I’m going to have to write it down:

Are you using a character movement component? Is so:

  • Connect “Begin Play” to a “Set Timer by Event” where you check “Looping” and set the time to 10.0
  • Create a custom event and connect it to “Set Timer by Event”.
  • In this event just increase the “Max Walk Speed” of the character movement component.
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I’m learning blueprint, so I may have some trouble. There isn’t anything specifically called “Timer”, however, I assume to use the “Set Time by Event”, but what should i put in? The output says “return value” (Time handle structure) and the execute pin. So im not sure how to put out a float towards the speed. So basiclaly, i dont know what to do with the timer thing.

Speed? What are you trying to do?

Ok, so I have an object that keeps going in one direction, I want to make it so every few seconds, the speed gets faster and faster. What I have set up right now, is the movement input and event tick. Keep in mind, the player does not move the object as it moves itself

Thank you so much! I got it all working! I didn’t know I needed to use “Max Walk Speed” even though I started off complete scratch and used a random object.