How to include some files as part of an android packaged build

I got lib files to package using UPL and seeing how other examples have done it.

However I’m not sure how to include some non-library files. Just some generic resources that aren’t exactly resources.

Our app is able to load the files if I push them with adb to a specific folder, but I’d like the unreal packing step to just do it automatically without an adb push.

You can try use it in your UPL:

<copyfile src="PathToFile" dest="$S(BuildDir)/PathToDirectory" />

I did try that and I do use that for lib files, but if I just try random files it doesn’t seem to make it into either the /sdcard folders or the /data folders that the game files seem to get deployed to.

I was doing <copydirectory into the build dir. The build dir seems to resemble an android project, but somehow just copying a dir into there doesn’t make it end up in the apk itself that I know of. I also tried coping it into the res folder but that didn’t work.

Hmm. i don’t know, I applied on my knowledge of ios, where I added fonts inside the app using an XML file.

It’s possible that is actually the correct solution for android too and I just didn’t set something up completely right. Maybe there’s a specific folder I have to move it to, not just the build folder itself.

It might also have made it to a different location on the android file system other than what I checked so far.

Have you tried putting them in Content (but not importing them, just copy them straight in with explorer) then adding the directory in ‘Additional Non-Asset Directories To Copy’ in the ‘Packaging’ section in Project Settings?

Oh that sounds like it could work. I’ll try that in a bit.