How to include levels (and files) from another project to packaged folder

I am making on an project in unreal engine with multiple levels. I added some level from another project to my current project and I use a trigger box to load that level. When I play the game in editor, everything works fine and the level loads also. When I package my project (for Windows 64bit) and run the game from packaged folder, it also works fine. But the problem is that the files from added level (that level from another project) are not in my packaged folder. It seems that the game loads the level file and its assets from that another project folder. So what can I do to include all files to my packaged game folder? Please help! Thanks!

Maybe you need to check it out again, because the engine will not be loading levels from other projects :slight_smile:

But it does load. Somehow I added the umap file from first project to my content folder in editor…

Yes, you can migrate folders to other projects, but project A cannot load from project B for example.