How to include Graphics code in UE4?

Hi guys,

If I have a code written in CUDA or Vulkan. What options do I have to include this code in my UE4 project.
In other words, how to use the full capacity of GPU programmable SIMD architecture in a meaningful way in UE4.

Relevant story: I am really familiar with building a lot of detailed meshes inside of unreal using UProceduralMeshComponent. All what I am trying to do is to run similar code on GPU purely for performance reasons. I’ve read a lot about GPU fundamentals but I never actually programmed in it. I think with a good level of confidence I could write all I need in Vulkan within a reasonable period of time. However, I don’t know how that could be incorporated into UE4. I have less than no idea about that.

You just write a Compute Shader (you don’t target a specific API like CUDA or Vulkan - UE4 handles that translation for you based on the platform you are compiling for). Tons of resources online for this stuff:

Thanks indeed, that’s exactly what I wanted.