How to include fbxsdk?

I’m trying to use the FBX import export pipeline, but I can’t figure out how to include fbxsdk.h.

In the github sources, I can see the FBX SDK in Engine/Source/ThirdParty/FBX/2016.1.1/include/fbxsdk/ but on my computer there is nothing but FBX.Build.cs in C:\Program Files\Epic Games\4.9\Engine\Source\ThirdParty\FBX. Where is the FBX SDK?

Those are the modules I have in my build.cs file:

		new string[]
			"Core", "Projects"

			// ... add other public dependencies that you statically link with here ...

		new string[]
                            "CoreUObject", "Engine", "Slate", "SlateCore", "InputCore", "UnrealEd", "LevelEditor", "RenderCore", "ShaderCore", "RHI", "Projects"
			// ... add private dependencies that you statically link with here ...

Do I miss one?

For now, I think I’ll just download the FBX SDK and put it in my plugins directory, but there should be a better way right?

Note: I’m working on an editor plugin, so the editor includes are available.

Yes, I forgot to mention that I’m creating an editor plugin.

I might be wrong here, but I was under the impression that the FBX pipeline was Editor-only.

Check if the relevant FBX section in the source contains #if WITH_EDITOR

Same issue there for me. Did you find any solution to this problem ?

I ended up downloading FBX SDK and integrating it by hand, it worked.

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Hey Mr. Masson,
would u mind sharing how you got the FBX_SDX integrated? I seem to have a somehow broken setup:

I copied fbxsdk-folder + fbxsdk.h in a folder under /Source// and told Build.cs to catch it via

foreach (string DirectoryPath in Directory.GetDirectories(DirectoryPathToSearch))

but I keep getting these:

error LNK2019: unresolved external symbol "void * __cdecl fbxsdk::FbxMalloc(unsigned __int64)" (?FbxMalloc@fbxsdk@@YAPEAX_K@Z) referenced in function "public: class fbxsdk::FbxPair

I’d appreciate any Ideas

Hey Did you solve this ?

I had some trouble with this, however this page helped. Mainly, you need to use unreal’s FBX sdk in the editor, and your own FBX SDK outside the editor