How to include Engine ThirdParty Module (SDL2) into script?


I’m trying to include SDL2 from the engine’s ThirdParty modules. I included the header file in my script and added SDL2 to the PublicDependencyModuleNames in my GameName.Build.cs. However the build fails saying it cannot open the SDL2 input file. The Unreal Build Window throws this message:

WARNING: Library ‘ThirdParty/SDL2\SDL-gui-backend\lib\Win64\SDL2.lib’ was not resolvable to a file when used in Module ‘SDL2’, assuming it is a filename and will search library paths for it. This is slow and dependency checking will not work for it. Please update reference to be fully qualified alternatively use PublicSystemLibraryPaths if you do intended to use this slow path to suppress this warning.

How do I fix this?
Thanks for your help

Can somebody please help me out on this?