How to improve?

I am trying to learn c++ and im about 1 to 2 months into learning it and im not sure what things i can do to improve my knowledge i am quite limited on assets and animations. I have a lot of ideas of things i would like to do and would really challenge me but the assets and animations get in the way of that like i dont have a range of items such as melee items i have a few gun models with animations but they get quite boring and i can only do so much with the gun before there is nothing else to add to it. If i had a good melee model i would then need to get animations for it which i can not do so then im back where i started. If anyone has any suggestions of things i could do i would appreciate it thanks.

You can prototype any game with the basic shapes in the editor. Yes, even attack animations. Do that.

Alternatively, get some of the free assets. Or make programmer art.

That’s if you’re just trying to learn. If you want to actually sell something go find a team.

^ This.

Programmer assets FTW.
Even if you don’t want to make it yourself, you can probably find place holder art on the UE4 marketplace or similar.

You said “Yes, even attack animations.” what do you mean by that? use a rough animation that i can make but a really bad one just for a prototype?

I was thinking much more like just setting up some interps to “swing” or move.

As a new UE4 developer, I can say there are two parts for this:
Learning C++
Learning UE4 framework.

Since I already know C++, what I do is I heavily use UE_LOG to trace my function calls. Your, sphere, and collision capsule are basically your “Asset” printf functions for physics, collision, …

Don’t hesitate to test different things to “see” what happens. It will slow you down, but hey, the foundation of any building takes the most time.