How to Improve Understanding of How Gameplay Systmes Are Built?

I’ve been learning UE4 on my own now for a while, and I’ve found that my biggest obstacle at the moment my lack of knowledge and understanding of how build gameplay systems. What I mean by that is that I very often find myself at a loss for what information is needed, and how to manipulate that information, to create the system I want to implement. I’ll usually have a vague idea of how to achieve a certain result, but it’s very often incomplete or incorrect, resulting in either undesired behavior, or no apparent functionality at all.

Are there any resources out there that would help me better grasp the ‘whats’ and ‘hows’ of creating gameplay functionality; so I’m not constantly referring to tutorials or documentation for every little problem or question I encounter? While tutorials and the documentation are helpful, they don’t really help me build familiarity and competence with building gameplay systems on my own.

This is something that comes with time. At least it was for me. When I started out with game development and programming in general I also had to refer to documentation and tutorials all the time aswell. But as soon as you built a few or lets say a LOT of system using help from external resources you start to get a feeling for “What tools and what approach do I need to implement the following”. And as soon that point is reached you can pretty much do a lot with only referring to documentation from time to time.
So to sum up: Its all about experience and training and you get better at it by just making something. No matter what you program some part of it may be useful for a future problem and the bigger the “library” in your brain the easier it will be to design and implement systems on your own as you can just look up the solution to a problem in your brain.


… always works.