How to improve the performance of editor and demo on low-spec computers?

Take Kite Demo for example…What else can be done to make it stable on 720p/30fps for notebooks with hd5000, including decrease the size of textures?
Just a little experiment

To get it to run you would have to do a ton of stuff, that type of hardware really isn’t made to run games well.

as well as decrease the texture res you will have to reduce the poly count of all the meshes(to 5% of their current poly count or something like that), the lighting would need changing and you’d probably need to reduce the amount of draw calls(eg: delete half the foliage) by quite a lot, you may also have to lower the amount of tessellation of everything. doing all that might get it running on a HD5000 but I doubt it would be at 30FPS, also to do all that you need to open the full project which requires 24GB of ram and I doubt a laptop that only has HD5000 would have that much ram, you might be able to work around it but I dunno.

Well of course I have a laptop for gaming, this is just an experiment.