How to improve performance of packaged game?

Hello, Unreal Engine forum!

How do I make the launched game have the same settings/performance as in the editor?

I’m trying to package my first project, but when I launch the .exe it is INCREDIBLY laggy, like 1 frame per 1 minute. But it works fine the Editor. Every time I clicked play I would get 30+ FPS.

I don’t know anything about packaging, and the documentation and forum answers I’ve found haven’t been much help.

Please help! I need this for a competition tomorrow :O.


I have been seeing the same on one my builds here, also in 4.18. 60-75 fps in editor. Over 60 fps on my i7-3770 and ATI Rx480 in packaged game… But on my i7-8700 and Nvidia 1060 it’s at 30 fps. Smooth Frame Rate is off (also tried with it on), settings are the same between them. But the slower ATI machine has twice the performance of my faster Nvidia machine. This has been documented many times on the forums, and it never gets answered. But you are not alone.