how to improve features?


I am going to take some pictures for a photo-database soon. The subject will be a helmet. The helmet has a smooth surface with almost no visible structural features. Should I paint some color spots in various places on it to make good tie points for a good alignment? I don’t want to paint the whole helmet, but will some reference spots help if I would to use control points? What amount would help?

Any suggestions in color and how this should be done? (without spraying the whole thing)






Is this an ancient warrior type helmet…or a motorcycle helmet? :grin:

I think, a colorful coat of watercolor paint will help very much. Reflections and no Features will result in a bad quality result.

  1. Coat the hole object with powder, water color or what ever can cover the reflective surface

  2. Add as many features as you can.

If you put only spots on, then very likely only those will be modeled well and the rest not…

I’d suggest to print our coded markers around the subject. It might help with the alignment but the reconstruction of a shiny object might be a problem. Use polarizing filter on your camera if possible to reduce glare.

Spray, powder or paint will help for sure but then you have to use this workflow:

‘Our coded markers’ - do you publish these - where?

You can generate them and print out. Check

Thanks. But can’t be used in Promo - is there a good reason for that?

Sorry Michal I thought you were an official voice of RC!

I am tech support at Capturing Reality

Michal, I guess Tom wanted to hear something more specific!  :slight_smile:

Ans how shall coded markers work on a basically featureless, highly reflecting surface?

Surely it can only help if they are distributed around the object? And then it would only help with the general orientation, but not neccessarily with the quality of the mesh surface?

Tom, you can’t expect that the Promo features everything the full version does!  :slight_smile:

Well Promo is miraculously generous, including everything AFAIK, apart from 2500 pic limit - which is quite sufficient on its own to ‘cripple’ Promo for the power users.

Promo means Promotion - to enlist lots of small users to RC by empowering them with all of RC’s wonderful features, and to support them, as many as poss, to develop into power users, where the real money is.

Being denied Coded Markers is foolish, will not incentivise me to buy a full license. That will only come by continuing to support me to the max.

Maybe there’s a ‘good’ technical-incompatibility reason but I doubt it.

“how shall coded markers work on a basically featureless, highly reflecting surface?”

Two separate questions here, maybe two different answers -

a) on flat featureless non-reflecting surfaces like plaster

b) on reflecting surfaces.

“would only help with the general orientation, but not neccessarily with the quality of the mesh surface?”

Tell me if wrong, but intention of such markers is only to aid photo Alignment where ‘natural’ features are few or ambiguous. At a push, such markers could not just ‘aid’ but could be solely responsible for photo Alignment!

Then, once the photos are Aligned, the x + y + z sparse cloud created for Alignment purpose is almost abandoned by RC, and the ‘blobby white’ model is created by the following Reconstruction process, which does it all over again but on a x + y + depth map basis.

So, if that’s correct, it’s not right to expect either the sparse cloud or any markers to ‘help … with the quality of the mesh surface’?

The aim is to achieve photo alignment by any devious means possible, so then the real work of Reconstruction can happen.

And also of course, the photos’ images can be fine for the texturing, even if they were majorly inadequate in features for Alignment.

Certainly no incompatibility because the versions are identical, it’s just either barred or not.

I think coded targets are quite a sophisticated feature and not everybody needs them.

Don’t get me wrong, I would also be happy to use them if possible - would save me quite some time.

But honestly, why would you not buy a full license, especially if it has a feature that you want??? I don’t get the logic here. And also honestly, I think you probably know 1-1,5 years worth of learning after I started using the software. Can’t be much better prepared than that…  ;-)  Anyway, that’S off topic.

Coded markers are imho mostly there for ground control points. Benefits for alignment with difficult surfaces can only get you so far. So if we stay with the example of an almost featureless, reflective helmet then I think you need to completely cover the surface to get a flawless surface. Otherwise, you will get islands of good surface, but in between it will be only marginally better (if at all) because there are still no features. And there is surely an easier way to do that than using self-adhering coded targets…  :-)    tinglebobber did a supreme job with his examples - he even treated opposite sides with different color to avoid confusion for RC.

Hello guys,

please allow me to explain why Detect markers tool is not implemented in RC Promo. This is an advanced feature that we have decided to introduce only in higher versions of RealityCapture and only in experimental mode for now. But this does not mean that it will not be introduced in other versions in the future but we cannot make any promises at the moment. However, you can test this feature in our time-unlimited Demo version. We would also appreciate your feedback.