How to improve cloth colision

I’m having some problems with correct colisions. Model is rly low poly so maby this is a problem but i will not thicken mesh cuz it would ruin style.
So how can i improve this ?
[video]yea ... cloths - YouTube

does anybody know how to make cloth colide with physic asset ?

  1. I seen that epic added (? Im not sure i didnt used it yet) into engine tool where you can paint weight, have you tried it?
  2. I think one workaround may be to increase size of your physical body pieces (body, legs?)
  3. I noticed in diablo3 and overwatch blizard used animation for cloaks… im considering animating long clothes too…

I know it can be pretty time consuming but i think animation is better for performance because of no calculations and looks better, for now. Imo future is cloth simulation but i think code wont be changed in near future, maybe reworked in couple years…

  1. i used apex and cloth tool
  2. cloth does not react to physical body it literaly colides only with world :<
  3. For such big cloak it would look strange not to colide with word