How to improve Cine Camera DoF quality?

I’m using a cine camera in a sequencer and I want the effect of a macro shot (long focal length and narrow DoF).
I achieved the effect I wanted except the DoF looks bad. The edges of objects out of focus look really bad, with ghosting (sort of a halo around borders of objects), flickering and sometimes jagginess.
I’m wondering if there is a way to improve the quality of the DoF. Even if it means a bad impact on performance (I don’t need actual real time, my goal is to render out a movie, not a game). I saw a tip to use “r.TemporalAA.Upsampling 0” command in console, but it didn’t really change anything, I think it was already set to 0 by default.

Would appreciate any tips and tricks regarding DoF in Cine Camera. Thanks!


I’m not sure if this will help you but if you’re rendering the movie then you can use the “Movie Render Queue” and disabling the Anti-Aliasing and adding a Console Command Menu. Here’s a video that explain very well how to make your renders look better, solving the ghosting, noise and motion blur artifacts that Sequence Renderer have.

Min: 7:59

Thanks, it looks much better!

It’s much better but there’s still a little bit of a “shadow” (a dark halo) around some objects. Any more tips?

Can you upload a screenshot?

Here is the video I was trying to render. This is with the technique from the tutorial you linked, with AA disabled and 64 temporal samples.
Most of it looks great (love the DoF on the clouds when the camera passes by them), but around the leaves of the trees there is still some flickering shadow halo thing. It’s more visible when the tree is against the sky background, don’t know if the skysphere has something to do with it.

Here’s a screenshot (but it’s easier to notice in the video):



It seems like noise from the motion blur pass, there are some thing you can do to check what causes the problem.

  1. Try increasing the Spatial Sample Count to 16 (If you’re testing you should have lower number so it will go faster, like: SSC:4 TSC:8.)
  2. Try disabling motion blur
  3. Try enabling forward rendering (This one affects how the engine renders alpha masks)