How to import the default player character

So I just can’t find any info on this online, but I just want something really simple. I just want to have a default character in my level when I press play. I already went in to Game mode and played around with the setting however in my scene I’m only given like 3 options under default pawn class. I mean I started in an older version of the engine, but when I updated it did not give m e more options.

Essentially what I can’t figure out is how to import a playable character in to a blank scene

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I presume you’ve found an answer to this?

If not, I’ll take a stab at it, but I’m not at the editor at present to verify…

In your blank project, on the main tab… create a blueprint (in the blueprint folder) and make it of type character. If you don’t see that (you might only see pawn), at the bottom of that window is a little triangle that opens “custom classes”. In there, under pawn, you should find the character class. Use that to create a basic character.

Since there wasn’t a character in your project when you started, your MyGame blueprint won’t show a playable character until you’ve created one (as described above). Once you have that character, you should be able to set the default player/character on your MyGame to that blueprint.

I don’t know if the basic character you create will also create the Engine->Input movement controls, but if the process didn’t, you’ll have to add inputs there (action inputs)… I’m not sure what needs to be put in the blueprint for the character (event graph), but there are lots of tutorials on that as well. … in fact, you should be able to find tutorials on starting from blank and getting a character in in no time with the googles…