How to import PLA ( Point level animation ) in to unreal

Hey there, I’ve been struggling to import animations in ue4, I’m talking about those vertex animations that do not use a bone.
One example of what I want o achieve is something like this: Eterno - Cinema 4D VJ Clip - YouTube
I have that session in Cinema 4d and I want to export those moving mountains in to ue4.
I am able to export the Pla animation and bake it in to the mesh but I can’t find a way to have those planes animating like they are on my cinema 4d session.
Is it possible? I’ve found plenty of tutorials on how to do this in unity but I can’t seem to find any suggestion for importing it in to unreal.


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Have you found the answer? Would love to know. Thanks

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Use for export Alembic (.abc)