How to import parented objects to joints with animation, from MAYA to UE4

Hi all,

I’m working on a T-rex rig, and I want to bring inside UE4 with animation.
So I have skinned the skin mesh of the Trex to some joints, but I also have teeth objects which are parented to the ‘head’ and ‘jaw’ joints.
I did some rough animation for the leg joints now I want to bring all of it as a working fbx file inside UE4 how do I do that??


You would need to skin the teeth meshes to the head bone and jaw bone accordingly. There is a checkbox in the import options for importing meshes in hierarchy as bones, but I don’t think that is what you would want in this case.

Other than that, simply exporting the geometry and bones as FBX should bring in the animation. See the documentation here:

thank you very much, that really works!!!