How to Import OBB file more than 100 Mo on Play Store ?

Hi everyone, I need help please, I explain my problem. When I package my game to apk from the software Unreal engine 4, I test it on my phone it’s ok, it works, but my problem is : the file is bigger than 100 Mo and I don’t know how I can import it on Play Store ! I tried to chose to use obb file, package is ok (with an apk file less than 100Mo) and an obb file > 100 Mo, when I ran it on my phone : “download failed because the resources could not be found”, i can fix it on my phone by put the obb file on the obb folder from Android, I have same problem message on Play Store. Someone have an idea ? I hope the obb file isn’t import on Play Store but I dont know how to import that??


You need to import your OBB file in the play store console. Instructions are here (under Add or change expansion files ):

Basically, press the ‘+’ icon and add it.