How to import morph animations?

Hey guys,

So with the success of being able to import morph targets successfully from Daz Studio into UE4, I’m now trying to get my lipsync and facial animations into UE4. For some reason when I import my FBX’s only the skeletal animation data is imported and the morphs are ignored. I can still animate the morph targets manually in Persona but they morph keys are not included.

Any ideas about how to import or export this properly?

Thank you!

Did you bake the morphs animation in Maya before exporting?
In the FBX export option, is the “Animation” option checked?
When you’re importing in UE4, are you also importing the animation?

Thanks for the reply, I’m exporting out of Daz Studio not Maya. Turns out this is a Daz issue, morphs are not included in their export for some reason. Exporting from Poser works though. Hmm.

Did you set up the morph export rules?

Yep- this turned out to be a bug in their current version of Daz Studio. The public beta fixed this issue but its still buggy.