How to import model into UE4 from any another 3D application(no plugin or file transition)?

Here is a video I fund:

how to implement this or any ideal to point me a way to do this in UE4?


Probably not a good idea, looks like it’s capturing the 3D buffer, nothing’s going to come in with the correct rotation or materials.

UE4 can fix rotation or materials.

and it’s a easy way to import the CAD software model into UE4.

It can’t fix it if the geometry is being captured that way, it doesn’t know what the rotation is because the rotation is arbitrary in when it’s stored to memory, and the material format at best would have a bunch of DDS files, it’s not going to reference where your textures are. And of course that doesn’t work with animated meshes.

I mean I can parent the imported model to a empty actor to fix the rotation, the material only need basic color. We don’t consider any animated meshes, and there’s no any animated meshes in CAD software(the video shows).

It’s for non game visualization, we don’t need high quality material or light.

Any ideals to point me a way?


Parenting the object won’t fix the rotation, the issue is that it will import at a rotation due to the angle that you’re viewing it from the viewport in the program you’re getting the 3D file from. In any case, no such tool exists for UE4 so it doesn’t matter.