How to import Mixamo to UE4?

Now that Mixamo no longer support a download format for unreal that they used to, how have you guys fixed this issue.

When I download my character “Malcolm” from the mixamo website and then try to put him into my map his hat covers his face!

I’ve had a look through other similar posts on this forum and am still unsure as to the best way to fix this, can someone please help!

If the Mixamo animation doesn’t have root motion, you can simply import it as a new skeleton, then in the Retarget Manager, set up the bone mapping to the default skeleton, and then retarget your animations (there are tutorials for this process - check the docs).

If you need the root motion animations from Mixamo to be compatible with the UE4 skeleton, that’s more work.

Alternatively, if you don’t need to use animations made for the Epic Skeleton, you can simply use the Mixamo skeleton with no root bone by itself without doing anything else.

Firstly Thankyou for replying to my post, you’re the only person that’s bothered to.

Can you please point me to the tutorials you mean

How do I set this up, is there also a tutorial that you’d recommend.

In a couple of instances I’m also trying to stick in some static mixamo characters but have found the standard T and A pose that they come in to be a bit frightening/aggressive for kids and have opted to use the idle animation for these characters, is there an easy way to import a static character from mixamo and easily make them look like they’re standing more at ease? I’m not a modeller and only have access to blender, but wonder if it can be done without using a modelling package?

I’m an absolute beginner trying to build a non profit game for school kids and would appreciate the info massively.

Retargeting Tutorial:

Basically just do the normal process in Mixamo, then when you import, don’t select a skeleton so it will create a new one without a root bone. Then just use this exclusively with other Mixamo anims and you’re all set.

Not sure about your idle issue.

Thanks for that it really means a lot!

I found how to do it in this tutorial , really helpfull! have a good day!

Thanks guys!