How to import Maya nCloth into UE4?

My team is currently making a short movie to render in Unreal 4. We simulated the character’s clothing in Maya using nCloth, but we are having trouble getting it into Unreal. The character himself and his weapon were both successfully imported as skeletal meshes using FBX.
Here are some info on our current situation:

There was no “little utility script” on his blog, and our clothing has a few hundred vertices, so it’s impossible to manually create joints and constrain them all.

If anyone figures out how to get Maya nCloth into Unreal please respond asap. We need to finish the project in 4 days to graduate. Thanks so much!


That other thread assumed a bit of technical scripting knowledge. That is the answer you need though. UE4 can import 65k joints, so a few hundred isn’t a problem. Currently, UE4 does not support geometry caches, but that is coming. Your other option is to do a morph per frame of the simulation, but again, you’ll need some scripting knowledge.

Here is another google search that may prove more fruitful:

Once your joints are baked out though, you’ll want to add those joints to your character hierarchy. Just parent them under your character’s root joint. Edit: Ignore his export options, as they aren’t applicable. Just export one skeletal hierarchy and your mesh as fbx once you have your cloth joints.

Thank you Jeremy for responding so fast! We will check out the link and see what we can do.

Oh my god it worked!!! Thank you so much! We will put you in the movie credits!

my pleasure :slight_smile: Good luck with your project!