How to import material from Rhino 7 into UE?

UE 4.27 support for rhino file 3dm. I can import/reimport model into UE. However They’re not include material and texture.
Model will be black in UE.
Need advice to import material from Rhino 7 into UE?
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Could you send us the model so we try to reproduce here.

Do you have Rhino on your machine? You could use the datasmith exporter for Rhino as an alternative.

Hi @UE_FlavienP
This is simple model I use to test workflow. It’s Rhino 7.
In Rhino 7, we have 2 type of material:

When I try import 3dm file in UE. Material will be black and UV will not update (tried 2 option for import UV)

Then I try export Datasmith file from Rhino, It can recognize some material.
You should try


Hello Travis,
I can see that the pink metal on the table legs does come in partially: either through direct import or datasmith import. UE detects it is a metal material and the good value for roughness but not the base color.

I see some work are schedule for rhino to UE material conversion. I will make sure to add your comment in our system and will also double check in Jan if that is an expected behaviour of our current engine version.

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Great! thank your feedback @UE_FlavienP